Choices Abound in the World of Garage Doors
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Choices Abound in the World of Garage Doors

At its core, a garage door is a functional element of your home. It turns your garage into a sealed indoor space, and it keeps intruders from simply wandering in. But most homeowners want a little more from their garage door than that. They want a door that is easy to operate, and one that actually looks nice. Thankfully, there are many, many options in the garage door world. You can choose your material from options like aluminum, wood, and steel. You can choose a classic opener or a smart opener — and the list goes on. Read a few of the articles on this website to get a better idea of what your options are and what you really need in a garage door. This site is dedicated to garage doors and readers like you.


Choices Abound in the World of Garage Doors

3 Tips To Build Your Dream Garage

Ruben Pena

A garage is an excellent addition to your home. Not only does the garage increase your property's resale value, but it improves your home's usability. Use your garage to house your vehicles so that you don't have to deal with frigid temperatures or pounding rain. Or, add a workshop to your garage so that you have a space for building or creating. Keep reading to learn a few tips that will help you build your dream garage. 

1. See What Permits are Required for Your New Garage

One of the first tasks you need to complete during the garage building process is to determine whether you need any permits for the addition. Many counties require you to obtain a building permit to add permanent structures to your property. You'll also want to check that your proposed garage layout satisfies your local building codes.

An experienced garage builder can assist you with navigating the legal logistics of your new garage. Ideally, you should start looking into permits and building codes well before your anticipated completion date. If you have to resubmit plans or have an issue, this will delay the construction of your garage by weeks or even months. 

2. Add Ample Wiring and Electrical Capabilities to the Garage

Though it's not entirely necessary to add electricity to your garage, this will increase the versatility of your new space. You'll be able to add an electric garage door opener, illuminate the space with lights, and integrate some type of temperature control.

Once you have wiring planned for the basics, contemplate how you use the space and make sure you'll have the proper wiring for these needs. Do you plan to turn the garage into a workshop? Check that you have ample outlets capable of powering multiple pieces of equipment at once.

Or, maybe you want to turn the garage into a hobby room. Consider adding hidden wiring for a surround sound system so that you don't have to run wires throughout the room. 

3. Opt for an Extra-Tall Garage Door

When designing your garage door, consider opting for a taller-than-average garage door. Obviously your garage door needs to be tall enough to allow clearance for your current vehicle, but keep in mind your future needs for the space. 

Maybe you want to use it to store a boat, or perhaps you have plans up storing an RV in the space. You want to accommodate these clearance needs now with a tall door. Strapping items to the roof of your vehicle is a convenient way to haul things for trips and projects. Check that your door has enough space for any roof-top cargo.

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