Choices Abound in the World of Garage Doors
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Choices Abound in the World of Garage Doors

At its core, a garage door is a functional element of your home. It turns your garage into a sealed indoor space, and it keeps intruders from simply wandering in. But most homeowners want a little more from their garage door than that. They want a door that is easy to operate, and one that actually looks nice. Thankfully, there are many, many options in the garage door world. You can choose your material from options like aluminum, wood, and steel. You can choose a classic opener or a smart opener — and the list goes on. Read a few of the articles on this website to get a better idea of what your options are and what you really need in a garage door. This site is dedicated to garage doors and readers like you.


Choices Abound in the World of Garage Doors

Is Your Garage Door Prepared For The Summer Season?

Ruben Pena

Summer is finally upon us, and while this means warmer temperatures that will allow you to sunbathe by the swimming pool and take vacations, it also means that your garage is going to turn into a sauna. Unfortunately, this excessive heat can have a negative impact on the performance and appearance of your garage door. Luckily, with a few tips, you can beat the heat of the season.

Clean the Door

Prior to tackling any kind of repairs that your garage door may need, you need to worry about that layer of grime that has built up on the surface of the door. To remove this grime, you simply need a mild detergent, such as the dish soap that you use in the kitchen, and some warm water. This simple mixture should be enough to allow you to scrub away the muck from the winter months. Make sure to take the time to clean the interior and exterior of the garage door, though, and ensure that you keep the soapy water away from the garage door tracks and hinges.

Lubricate the Door Tracks

Now that winter is done and over, it is a good idea to lubricate the tracks of your garage door to ensure it moves smoothly during extreme times of heat. You will want to make sure that you use a lubricant that is specifically designed for use on garage doors though. Apply the lubricant to both the tracks and rollers. When applying the lubricant, remember that a small amount can go a long way so that you do not over-lubricate, as too much grease can result in the accumulation of dust and interfere with the proper operation of the door.

Inspect the Seals

Due to the fact that the garage is capable of retaining heat, it is important to perform a thorough inspection of the seals and weatherstripping. If you notice that the material is crumbling, fraying, or otherwise worn, it needs to be replaced immediately. By replacing it, you will help eliminate warm air from entering into the garage space. For increased energy efficiency in the garage, you should check the panels of the garage door to make sure that the insulation is in tip-top shape. If you notice any damage, a professional needs to be contacted for repairs.

The summer heat can take a toll on your garage if you aren't careful. If you need help with maintenance or repairs, contact a garage door company in your area.