Choices Abound in the World of Garage Doors
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Choices Abound in the World of Garage Doors

At its core, a garage door is a functional element of your home. It turns your garage into a sealed indoor space, and it keeps intruders from simply wandering in. But most homeowners want a little more from their garage door than that. They want a door that is easy to operate, and one that actually looks nice. Thankfully, there are many, many options in the garage door world. You can choose your material from options like aluminum, wood, and steel. You can choose a classic opener or a smart opener — and the list goes on. Read a few of the articles on this website to get a better idea of what your options are and what you really need in a garage door. This site is dedicated to garage doors and readers like you.


Choices Abound in the World of Garage Doors

Why Professional Garage Door Replacement Is Wise

Ruben Pena

Is your old and malfunctioning garage door detracting from the aesthetics of the exterior of your home? If you intend to replace malfunctioning garage door parts on your own and attempt to add some appeal to the door by using paint, it might be a wasted investment. The reason is that sometimes it is not possible to bring a malfunctioning garage door back to a working condition, especially when the door is old. Before taking the risk of wasting money on new parts, you need to get the door thoroughly inspected to find out if a replacement is necessary. Getting a new residential garage door installed comes with a few benefits, so it is wise to not attempt trying to hold off on the investment.

Replacing a Garage Door Is a Dangerous Task 

You might think that replacing a garage door on your own is easy, but you can hurt yourself in the process. The reason is that a garage door is heavy, and you will be dealing with the weight of the door while installing certain parts. For example, attempting to install springs on your own can lead to getting injured due to the pressure that the springs are under from the heavy door. Garage door springs can quickly uncoil and recoil while swinging out of control. A contractor must be hired to ensure that the springs and all other parts of the garage door are installed in a safe and professional manner.

A New Garage Door Adds Value to a Home

A good reason to get your old and malfunctioning garage door replaced by a contractor is that it can raise the value of your home. Even if you can install a door on your own, you might not perform the task in the proper manner, which could cause the door to look uneven and unappealing. Professional installation will ensure that your door is even, does not make noise during operation, and works in a smooth manner. If the door is installed the wrong way, not only does it cause your home to lose value, but you might get fined by the HOA in your neighborhood.

A Garage Door Affects Energy Efficiency

Getting rid of your old garage door is wise because it could lead to your home becoming more energy efficient. It is common for modern garage doors to be manufactured with insulation materials, but some doors are more energy efficient than others. You want to purchase a garage door that has a high R-value if you want the door to add to the energy efficiency of your home.